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Although Ferrari sports racers were usually given more comfortable Pinin Farina touring bodywork, they still had a sufficiently strong performance to acquit themselves well in competition. But there were products from rival manufacturers which could outrun the Type 342, so Ferrari responded with the far more powerful 375 in 1954,and this was subsequently developed into the Type 410 with a 4.9-litre version of Lampredi's original Grand prix engine. Before long, this very expensive model had acquired the name Superamerica because of its popularity with wealthy American customers.
These cars were produced only in very small quantities, but there were still fabulously wealthy people who wanted something even more exclusive, so Pinin Farina (which became Pininfarina in 1957) produced the occasional one-off model with the massive Lampredi engine installed in the smaller and lighter 250 chassis, and clothed in the most exotic coachwork. This was the Superfast,so called because it was capable, in theory, of 168 mph (270 km/h), although, in reality, the lightweight chassis and transmission were incapable of handling the full power. But who cared? The Superfast was purely for show.
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