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The Retro Van is an old abandoned customized van in the middle of the Junkyard.

It is shown to be rather comfortable for being abandoned and unused. The Eds found it in the episode "Dawn of the Eds", and it became a hideout for the Eds. They often come to this van to hide from the other neighborhood kids, particularly the Kanker Sisters. The Eds aren't the only ones to know about it, as Kevin is shown there in "Dueling Eds" and on other occasions. The van has a working horn that plays a theme from La Cucaracha, shag carpeting, stereo speakers, interior walls made from mock wood, and a water bed. The outside of the van is purple and has flame decals all over it, including a painted rear axle and a drop-shaped side window. It is also full of roaches and cobwebs. An appearance of it was made in "A Twist of Ed" where the Eds were hiding from the Kankers, and Ed and Eddy were yelling at Edd to think of a plan. At first, it can be seen with a large pile of debris and junk surrounding it, yet the area becomes slightly sparse in later appearances.

The retro van appears to be based on a 1972 GMC Vandura, which is known for being the van from The A-Team. It has appeared in many episodes.

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