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Thought I would drop you a picture of the '66 I just finished building around the 2275 cc motor I bought from GEX. The car was literally a basket case. If parts would come off they were taken off by the previous owner. It came to my house in boxes and bags. Started building and buying in October of 1999. Finished the project in June of 2000.
A few of the big ticket items include: 2275cc dual Weber motor and rebuilt transaxle from GEX, EMPI style 8 spokes with 205/60 x 15 in the rear and 195/60 x 15's in the front 2" dropped spindles in the front, beams were narrowed 2" on each side to get the tires tucked in. Disk brakes on all four corners.
Gray and charcoal tweed interior all came from SewFine, along with the new high back buckets. Paint and flames were put on by Bob Lander and his boys at Care Free Paint and Body, Tulsa, OK.

Built the car in 1997 and put in a GEX longblock. Had a 009 distributor and dual Kadrons with a hand built exhaust system. It ran perfectly and performed very well. I have used GEX engines in my business for over ten years and am very happy with all their products.

My GEX engine was superb, it started right away. The picture is after a great test drive of 20 miles on which it performed maybe a little better than expected, the old engine had 200,000 on it. Every conceivable part on the engine was replaced new, generator, fan, coil, 009 distributor, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, degree wheel, etc, even a new carb. Looking forward to many great maintained miles.

My Kubelwagen Replica needed a new motor and I had heard good things about GEX. So I called and bought a new 1600 cc dual port. I was kind of under the gun to get it shipped and installed before an event. The folks at GEX were fantastic. They knew I needed the motor in my hands by a certain date and went out of there way to get it to me in time. Also, I had a million questions about the motor and they were very knowledgable and friendly. I will pass on my positive experience with GEX to my friends. Oh, by the way, the motor is beautiful !!

(source : http://www.gex.com/content/cars.htm)

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